The Boardwalk, a tribute to our natural environment.

The CDA views the unique natural environment of Chaguaramas as the most important natural resource on the peninsula.

As a result, we have factored in environmental protection as a major feature of all our projects, so we can do our part to reduce the environmental impact of development and to raise awareness of this important issue to our visitors and other stakeholders.

This philosophy is also evident in the design elements, features and materials used in the development of the Boardwalk and other attractions in Chaguaramas. Continue reading The Boardwalk, a tribute to our natural environment.

CDA Expands Edutours Program

The Chaguaramas Development Authority revealed plans to expand its EduTours Program following a recent announcement that the project has provided hands-on, educational, nature based tours and field trips to more than 250 kids since 2013.

CDA’s EduTours Program seeks to raise awareness of the natural environment and healthy living among young people by providing hands-on access to the natural environment and educating them about sustainable development, while providing real life examples of what the average person can do to protect it.

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