CDA hosts COSTAATT Project Management Students

cda-costaat (1)On Saturday, 11th April 2015, the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) had the privilege of hosting thirty-two (32) Project Management Students from COSTAATT during their field trip to the Chaguaramas Peninsula. The CDA’s Project Management Office (PMO), headed by Programme Manager, Mr. Rudranath Singh, provided the students with useful insights into some of the CDA’s development projects in order to assist them in gaining a better understanding of how project management theory can be practically applied.

In addition to gaining knowledge relative to their particular field of study, it was also an opportunity for expanding their knowledge of this historical location as well as engaging in some fun activities. The students were given a tour of the area and visited some of the historical sites such as the Tracking Station, Edith Falls and were treated to some of the feature attractions such ‘zip lining’ and the golf course.

Over the last three years, the CDA has been actively engaging students and educational institutes, such as UTT, UWI, TTHTI, COSTAATT and schools in the Carenage, Diego Martin and POS area, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program to ensure knowledge and skills transfer to residents and citizens interested in sustainable development. Some of these initiatives include the CDA’s EduTour Program, which provides educational tours of the Chaguaramas Peninsula. This tour is specifically designed to educate students from the upper primary and secondary levels on eco-tourism and its contribution to economic diversification, as well as CDA Kids Talk – an annual youth empowerment seminar for SEA students. The CDA welcomes the opportunity to partner with the nation’s educational institutes and all citizens to facilitate learning in a scenic environment while providing superior recreational facilities through planned tours or visits to the Peninsula.

The CDA’s mandate is to ensure sustainable, balanced development of the Chaguaramas Peninsula, through partnerships and synergies that promote development in ways that generate environmental, economic and social benefits of both local and national significance. The Authority creates opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship, environmental management and protection, innovation and inspiring cultural architecture and designs, education, training and career development of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

As the CDA moves towards becoming the premier provider of the ultimate customer experience in a world-class eco-tourism destination, business and entertainment centre, the Authority continues to break new ground in sustainable urban development and project management best practices regionally.

To further our efforts in including the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in our vision for the peninsula and to create and maintain sustainable and balanced development, the CDA hosted a nation-wide Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exposition and Career Fair ‘Jobs of a Lifetime’, on the 17th -18th of April 2015, on the Boardwalk. The Expo brought together Investors, educational institutes, key ministries and state agencies with a view to creating awareness of career, training and entrepreneurship prospects open to all qualified citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

To view pictures of COSTAAT’s field trip, please view our album here:

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