Job of a Lifetime Career Fair

Did you know that the on-going development within the Chaguaramas Peninsula has created hundreds of job opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers?

Come find out about the abundance of career opportunities now available through the Chaguaramas Development Authority’s ‘Job of a Lifetime Career Fair’ on April 17th and 18th at the Chaguaramas Boardwalk from 9am – 7pm.

Various Job Offerings

General Manager; Food & Beverage Manager / Supervisor; Lifeguards Concessions attendants; Customer Service Reps; Maintenance Personnel; Mechanics; IT supervisor.

Groundskeepers, Bartenders / Waitresses, Restaurant / Bar Managers, Event Coordinators, Chefs / Barristers, Coaches, Sports Therapists, Trainers.

Rides Operators, Grounds Crew –(night and day), Maintenance Manager and Crew, Marketing Manager, Security Personnel and Cashier.

Executive Chefs, Cleaners, Cooks.

Tour Conductors, Marine and Mechanical Technicians, Administrative Personnel, Scuba Divers, Labourers, Engineers, IT Personnel, Sales Staff, Drivers and Hospitality Personnel.

Veterinarians, Cashiers.

All Hotel Staff including those trained in Hotel Management- Receptionist, Bartenders, Spa, Restaurant and Sports Bar personnel.

General Sales Staff, Project Management, Chemical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Pipe Fitters, Forklift and Crane Operators.

Spill Response Technicians, Environmental Technicians, Drivers.

See you there!

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16 thoughts on “Job of a Lifetime Career Fair”

  1. Hello i just want to enquire about the cost to rent one the huts along the board walk for the day?

  2. Hi

    We would like to discuss the possibility of us providing live acoustic performances as entertainment for the area. We currently have an ongoing project called “UNCOVERED” where we showcase local creative and musical talent by doing acoustic covers of popular local and international songs. Please guide us with the relevant details on how to go about doing this. Thanks much

  3. Hello to Management,

    Would like to know if the CDA is interested in having security cameras in and around the area and if yes what is the relevant procedures. Thank you much

  4. i have 7 cxc 0’level passes including math and english, i don’t have a certificate for I.T, but i have had jobs which consisted of data entry and was also a data operator for customs and excise, my question is what qualifies for the IT personnel job?

  5. Hello Daniel,

    Each vendor has their own requirements for the personnel they would like to hire. When you visit their booth, they will inform you about the requisite qualifications for the various roles they have open. We also suggest that all visitors to the Fair walk with a CV highlighting their experience and education to leave with the hiring managers.

  6. okay , so it isn’t CDA itself that is hiring , but it is providing the opportunity to be hired by other stakeholders? & if so… how do i apply for a job at CDA itself (Working at Head Office) etc. & is CDA even allowed to hire outside of the Public Service seeing that its under the ministry of planning if i’m not mistaken

  7. We are excited to be partnering with so many organisations and investors to create hundred of new job opportunities for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
    When the CDA has openings, we will advertise them on our website.

  8. Thank you for your message. Many of the jobs will be first of their kind in Trinidad and Tobago. As such, as part of this Career Fair, several organisations will be offering trainings to help applicants get the skills they need for the job.

    Each vendor has a list of openings they need to fill. As such, to learn about the requirements for these positions, you must speak with them. We suggest you bring copies of your resume to leave with the vendors so they have your information on file.

  9. Thank you for your message, we’re delighted to hear from you and your interest in leasing a space. For further information, please call 868-634-4227 ext 232 to speak with someone directly in our Tenancy Department about availability and costs.

    To apply for the use of a space in Chaguaramas, please send a request to the Tenancy Department via this application:

    Have a great day.

  10. I missed the Fair, is there some way I can get information regarding the Sports Therapist position?

  11. Thank you for your message. We’re happy to hear from you. Sorry you couldn’t make it to the Fair.

    The jobs on offer were by private vendors, but you can call us at 634-4349 during business hours and ask to speak with someone in HR.

    They can provide you with contact information.

    Best of luck!

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