CDA assures access to Chagville beach

The public’s unrestricted access to Chagville beach in Chaguaramas will continue as preparations begin for the construction of the much anticipated water and amusement park on the popular beach site.

CDA’s Communications Manager, Kizzie Ruiz, said construction of the water park is part of phase three of the Boardwalk development project and will include rehabilitation of the seawall and other features to prevent beach erosion.

She said the need of the public was an important consideration in the planning of the construction project, as Chagville is one if the most popular beaches in Trinidad.

Apart from ongoing access to the beach throughout the entire construction phase of the project, the developers will also provide parking for visitors on the western end of the site.

With easy access to the nearby pier and slipway, full utilization of Chaguaramas waterways is being considered to reduce reliance on the local road network and the Western Main Road in particular, she added.

This will reduce the impact on traffic and the inconvenience to the public during  construction.

In addition to this, the investor has partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Hotel and Tourism Institute to develop training courses in theme park management, process management, customer service, security and water safety.

More than 90 percent of the initial work force will come from our local communities as part of the Authority’s commitment to balanced development.

Ruiz said the agreement with the investor includes a training and mentoring element that will see more local personnel taking over the management of the facility over time.

When completed the water park is expected to create 500 direct, permanent jobs and will generate significant foreign exchange earnings for Trinidad and Tobago, she added.

CDA Communications Unit

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