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The CDA wishes to categorically refute inaccurate statements being circulated that the Authority will be cutting down the canopy at the Bamboo Cathedral.


  1. The proposed project in question includes the implementation of the lighting scheme at Bellerand Road, off Tucker Valley Road. Please note that Bellerand Road is NOT the Bamboo Cathedral.
  1. This project is being undertaken by the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission in conjunction with the Chaguaramas Development Authority, under the close guidance of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).
  1. Conditions within the Bellerand area present a safety and security hazard due to a lack of lighting.
  1. No final decision has been made regarding the lighting scheme to be adopted. Negotiations are ongoing to review all options that will allow for a balance between the need for lighting for road users, pedestrians and cyclists in the area, while maintaining the environment’s natural beauty and the protection of wildlife.

The CDA views the unique natural environment of Chaguaramas as the most important resource on the Peninsula. It continues to factor in environmental protection as a major feature of all its projects.

In light of the above, the CDA wishes to reassure the general public that we are currently in consultation with the relevant authorities to ensure that the best solution is achieved and is in accordance with environmental standards.

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